Weekly Military Information – 18 December 2013



It’s hard to believe that we are headed into 2014 already. If you haven’t sent in your submissions for the 2014 Abilene Award please do so ASAP.

Please send any of the following that you may have for events/programs held in 2013:

1. PICTURES – pictures are essential for this application! Please forward pictures of any events you may have sponsored or been involved with that benefited MacDill – specifically active duty Air Force personnel. Each picture will need to have a short narrative explaining the event/program;

2. FLYERS/INVITATIONS – any flyers or invitations for events/programs. AGAIN, pictures are essential so please include pictures from these events/programs;

3. LETTERS – any letters you or your company have received from MacDill acknowledging your participation or sponsorship in an event/program;

4. NEWSPAPER ARTICLES – copies of newspaper articles that include the date and paper name.


9 December, 2013 – Attached for review is the Armed Services Committee Highlights of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014.


26 November, 2013 – Attached for review is the Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments regarding DoD Instruction 5000.02, “Operation of the Defense Acquisition System”


Visit our weekly newsletters and military events on our website! We will archive past newsletters for your reference and maintain a calendar of events that are listed each week in the newsletters.

The link for the newsletters is: Weekly Military Information, and the direct link to the events calendar is: Events Calendar.


A date has not been finalized for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s annual Military Appreciation Banquet BUT has been narrowed down to two dates so please place HOLDS for the evening of 20 February or 4 March, 2014! We will let you know once confirmed!

Remember nominations are now being accepted for the military awards for this event. To nominate a person or business, please complete each section of the appropriate nomination form(s) attached. Any endorsements the nominator feels will help the selection committee in its deliberations are welcome. All community activities during 2013 should be mentioned.

The 2014 nomination forms can be found here: http://www.tampachamber.com/Events/Signature-Events/Military-Appreciation-Banquet.aspx

Or individual links for each category are below as well:

To be considered for these awards, nomination forms must be received no later than close of business on 10 January, 2014. All nominators will receive an email confirmation when their submission is received. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

Wishing all Happy Holidays!