Major General Longo Commends Celestar Teammates for Job Well Done

On Thursday, March 14, 2013, Major General Richard Longo emailed Francesco Mastracchio to inform him of the excellent service that was being provided to directly support his staff by the Celestar Team. He specifically recognized Robert Oxendine, a JIOC-TAAS teammate, for his outstanding counternarcotics analyst support.

MG Longo states, “The willingness to embrace narcotic and corruption challenges while leading complex COMISAF requirements, ISAF CN training, and acting as the sole CN interlocutor between the various CJIATF-A organizations and ISAF interests is an important catalyst in the progress of our mission. In my opinion, the level of service is far beyond our expections.”

We greatly express our appreciation to Robert Oxendine for providing such commendable service.

Celestar Quality Policy

Sustained superior performance is our quality benchmark. We continuously strive to fully meet even the most demanding internal and external customer’s expectations through continuous process improvement and the rigorous application of the highest standards of integrity, aggressive teamwork, diligent professionalism, dedicated service and a focus on responsiveness and agility.